FR-pRo, is a fully reconfigurable and extendable tool, that covers all customers' needs for Film Characterization (thickness, optical properties, colour), Absorbance, Fluorescence, Reflectance. The end-user defines tool's spectral range in any spectral regime within the 190-2500nm range. The tool could be further upgraded with accessories through a wide list range of accessories that includes: thermal kit, liquid kit, focusing module, integration spheres etc..

FR-pOrtable, is one of a kind USB-powered, portable and handheld spectroscopic reflectance tool for the fast and accurate characterization of coatings at the Point-of-Need. With FR-pOrtable the user can characterize any film or stack of films in the 12nm to 90μm thickness range, either in the lab environment or at the field becoming a truly Point of Need (PoN) tool. The light-weighted tool (600gr) is equipped with a unique VIS/NIR source with 20000h lifetime.

FR-ES, is a compact and light-weighted unit for the characterization of coatings. FR-ES platform is designed to provide an excellent performance in terms of characterization of coatings. It can be employed in a wide range of diverse applications, such as: Film thickness, Refractive Index, Color, Transmittance, Reflectance, and many more.


FR-μProbe, is a stand-alone tool for applications that require spot size as small as very few microns, e.g. micro-patterned surfaces, samples that exhibit a high level of scattering light and numerous others. FR-uProbe, simply attaches to the C-mount adapter of most commercially available optical microscopes (reflectance and / or transmittance) and provides:

  • Real-time spectroscopic measurements at the wavelength range supported by the microscope
  • Film thickness, optical properties, non-uniformity measurements
  • Imaging with a USB and high-definition & quality color camera
  • Unaffected performance of the microscope

FR-Scanner-AIO offers automatic characterization of films and coatings on wafers, masks or other substrates. FR-Scanner is the ideal tool for the fast and accurate mapping of film properties: thickness, refractive index, uniformity, color etc. Wafers of any diameter (300mm max) and shape can be accommodated on the vacuum chuck and the detailed characterization of the film(s) is just a click away .

FR-Mic is the modular optical column for fast & accurate coating characterization applications that require spot size as small as few micrometers Typical examples include (but not limited to): micro-patterned surfaces, rough surfaces and numerous others. It can be combined with a dedicated computer controlled XY stage, allowing the automated thickness & optical properties mapping of samples fast, easily and accurately.

FR-Monitor v4.0, is the control and data-processing software platform for all FR tools. The user can take single measurements or record dynamically in real-time a process e.g. measure the thickness & optical properties of multilayer stacks, measure Tg of polymers, record the absorption vs. time of a biological or chemical reaction, ...

A wide range of accessories is available in order to meet particular measurements needs. The accessories list include Reflection or Cuvettes Holders, special holders, flow cells, optical filters, external sensors, hot plate, liquid cells, gas environment chambers and many more. It is also possible to design a special requirement tool upon request ...


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