BA-Series (BioAnalyzer) is a platform for tools for the measurement of the concentration of analytes at the Point-of-Need. BA-tools exploit the White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) methodology for the measurement of infinite number of biomolecules bound on a surface through appropriate selective immunoreactions.

BA-uProbe is the first product of BA-Series that allows for the measurement of single analytes in a wide range of applications in the domains of health and food safety. It consists of the a) compact optical probe accommodating the light source and the high resolution spectrometer connected to the custom made reflection probe b) the docking station for accommodation of the biochip and c) a miniaturized and computer controlled pump for the delivery of the necessary for the immunoreaction reagents.

The tool is accompanied by BA-Monitor, a software dedicated for the monitoring of immunoassays and customized for use by non-specialized personnel with the advantage of automatic calculation of the concentration of analyte of interest based on pre-loaded calibration curves.

BA-uProbe has been designed for Research Use Only. It has small footprint and is ideal for research labs working on the development and assessment of immunoassays. It provides a number of distinct characteristics and in particular:




  • Highly specific fast assays, <20min
  • For Research Use only
  • Low-cost Biosensing chips
  • Simultaneous Multianalyte monitoring option
  • Suitable for use by non-specialized personnel
Biochip BS-Monitor v1.0 Release


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