The fast, accurate and at low-cost quantitative determination of critical for human health biomarkers and the detection of minute concentrations of harmful substances in food is the Holy Grail for the whole globe. Numerous methodologies have been proposed and developed to meet these objectives and several of them have reached the shelf but with limited market penetration so far, such as the glucose and the pregnancy tests.

ThetaMetrisis has introduced FR-Bio, a tool for accurate and label-free quantitative determination of minute concentrations of biomolecules with potential use at the Point-of-Need.

The core of the FR-Bio platform is the biosensing chip, a Si chip that is engineered by mainstream microelectronic/micromachining processes for single or multi-analyte determinations. The bioanalytical capabilities of FR-Bio have been already successfully demonstrated in the determination of selected biomarkers with high clinical value (such as CRP, D-dimer, PCT, T-PSA, f-PSA) either in serum or in plasma. In addition the same platform was successfully used in the detection of several pesticides, allergens and mycotoxins in various food samples.



Typical Application Notes:                                                          

App002- Biomolecular films
App025- Real time monitoring of bioreactions in whole blood

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