ThetaMetrisis was founded by Ph. D. researchers aiming at the development and commercialization of analytical equipment for both the research and industrial needs.

The company grows continuously and steadily, aiming to cover the specific demands of each individual customer. Its success is based on high quality human resources.

Our team consists of solid mix from experienced and passionate M.Sc. and. Ph.D. engineers with sound industrial and research background in:

  • Microelectronics & Microsystems
  • Photonics
  • Digital & Analog Electronics
  • Numerical Analysis & Software development
  • Chem- and Bio- sensors
  • Material Processing

From the very first day of establishment, ThetaMetrisis counts on both the initiative and the strong technical expertise of our people.

Our suppliers and customers are considered our long-term partners and the improvement of these long-term partnerships is one of our strategic objectives.

In parallel, ThetaMetrisis has established strong & long term links with selected academic & research institutions:





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