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ThetaMetrisis ( is a privately held company established in December 2008 in Athens, Greece as the first spin-off company of the Institute of Microelectronics, NCSR 'Demokritos'.

ThetaMetrisis's core technology is White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) that allows accurate and simultaneous measurement of thickness and refractive index of stacked thin and thick films in ultra-wide range from few Angstroms to millimeters.

Product portfolio of ThetaMetrisis consists of:


optical metrology tool for the characterization of single layer and multi-layer coatings for a wide range of diverse applications, such as:
turn-key solution for the measurement of the concentration of biomolecules in liquids at the Point-of-Need (PoN), for a wide range of diverse applications, such as:
  • semiconductors,

  • organic electronics,

  • polymers,

  • paints and coatings,

  • photovoltaics,

  • biosensing

  • critical biomarkers in body fluids (health domain),

  • harmful substances in food (food safety),

  • harmful substances in water (health domain)



 June 2009

Introduction of the first Build2Order FR-tool for the characterization of coatings in R&D labs.

 September 2011

Demonstration of the Monitoring of Biomolecular Interactions by WLRS

 April 2013

The breakthrough USB-powered FR-pOrtable tool for PoN applications is introduced to the market

 June 2014

Establishment of ThetaMetrisis LLC in CA, USA

 February 2015

The fastest tool (FR-Scanner) for automated mapping of thickness and optical properties at wafer level was introduced to the market.

 September 2015

Patent on multi analyte biosensor based on WLRS

 June 2017

Shipment of the 50th tool

 January 2018

Introduction of bioanalyzer BA-tools into the market for the label-free Monitoring of Biomolecular Interactions

 April 2018

Expansion of ThetaMetrisis manufacturing and R&D and Relocation to a new building

 September 2018

Introduction of FR-uProbe through optical microscope for the characterization of coatings with micron lateral resolution




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