Product packaging serves to protect the product. In addition to this main function, packaging materials and films are engineered to provide additional functionalities at very low cost and in large volume production.

The measurement of thickness of packaging films  and related coatings is of high importance for a wide range of reasons such as protection of the environment, cost, overall product weight.

FR-tools are ideal for the fast, accurate and non-destructive measurement of packaging materials thicknesses either as single or multi-layer films. Typical applications include the measurement of thickness of:

  • protective lacquer inside aluminum cans for soft drinks
  • plastic transparent coffee and juice cups
  • cling and stretch films
  • coatings in Roll-2-Roll processes

To support all those applications, FR-Monitor software is loaded with the optical properties of related materials and ensure easy measurements either off-line (for quality control) or in-line (for production monitoring).




Typical Application Notes:

App020- Thickness measurement of inner polymer coating of aluminum cans
App028- Thickness measurement of inner polymer coating of aluminum cans
App031- Characterization of coatings on the outer surface of aluminum cans
App033 - Accurate, Non-Contact On-Line PET film Thickness Measurements

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