Optical spectroscopy is extensively employed for the in-situ monitoring of phenomena and processes both in research and industry. Thanks to the advancement in light sources and spectrometers its application in this field continuously grows.

Amongst the various optical spectroscopic methods that are employed in the in-situ monitoring of processes and phenomena, broad-band reflectance spectroscopy offers some unique characteristics such as set-up simplicity, low cost, fast acquisition rates.

FR-tools are extensively for the real-time monitoring of processes thanks to their unique performance in terms of accuracy, acquisition rate and repeatability. These characteristics along with the modularity in terms of both hardware and software, make FR-tools the right choice for in-situ monitoring of processes within any spectral regime in 200-2500nm spectral range. Some typical applications are the real time monitoring of dissolution/swelling of films, dry etching, bioreaction kinetics, Roll-to-Roll processing.



Typical Application Notes:

App010- Real-Time Measurements
App021- Real-time monitoring of photoresist dissolution
App025- Real time monitoring of bioreactions in whole blood
App033- Accurate, Non-Contact On-Line PET film Thickness Measurements
App045- In-situ monitoring of dry etching process

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