ThetaMetrisis tools are used by our customers in their routine practice. Please find below a list of selected publications where ThetaMetrisis tools have been used


M.Zavali, P.S.Petrou, D.Goustouridis, I.Raptis, K.Misiakos, S.E.Kakabakos J. Chromatograph. B 878 237(2010)“Regenerable flow-through affinity sensor for label–free detection of proteins and DNA”

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Stephania Vorvi M. Sc. thesis National Technical University of Athens, 2016 "Immobilization of HRP enzyme on nano-structured PMMA surfaces for the fabrication of enzymic micro-reactor for the biocatalytic oxidation of phenols"

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Monika Biernat Ph. D. thesis Jagiellonian University, 2018 "Self–organized polymer structures and their impact on efficiency of organic photovoltaic devices"

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D. Sygkridou, A. Apostolopoulou, A. Charisiadis, V. Nikolaou, G. Charalambidis, A.G. Coutsolelos, E. Stathatos ChemistrySelect 3 2536(2018) "New Metal−Free Porphyrins as Hole−Transporting Materials in Mesoporous Perovskite Solar Cells"

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P.Dimitrakellis, A.Patsidis, At.Smyrnakis, G.Psarras, E.Gogolides ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2 2969(2019) "Atmospheric Plasma Nanotexturing of Organic - Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings for Multifunctional Surface Fabrication"

J.Peng, L.Cui, R.Li, Y.Xu, L.Jiang, Y.Li, W.Li, X.Tian, Q.Lin J. Mater. Chem. C 7 1859(2019) "Thick Junction Photodiodes Based on Crushed Perovskite Crystal/Polymer Composite Films"





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