FR-pOrtable is a unique USB-powered solution for accurate & precise non-destructive characterization of transparent and semi-transparent single films or stack of films. FR-pOrtable can perform reflectance & transmittance measurements in the 370-1020nm spectral range.

The compact design of FR-pOrtable, guarantees highly accurate and repeatabley of measurements. FR-pOrtable, can be either mounted on the supplied stage or can be easily transformed to a handheld thickness measurement tool to be placed over the area under characterization. This way, FR-pOrtable is the only optical characterization tool for in-field applications.

Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorption and Color parameters can be measured



Thickness Measurement Range 12nm-90um1
Refractive Index Calculation  YES (>100nm thick)
Thickness measurement Accuracy2  0.2% or 1nm
Thickness measurement Precision3  0.05nm or 1‰ (0.01nm)
Thickness measurement stability4  0.06nm
Sample size  1mm to 300mm and up
Spectral Range  370-1020nm
Working Distance  3-20mm
Spot Size  1.0-4.0mm
Light Source LifeTime  20.000hours
Wavelength Resolution  0.8nm
Number of Layers to be Characterized Simultaneously  5
Measurement Time  5msec (Min. Acquisition Time)
A/D Converter  16bit
Power  USB-Supplied
Dimensions  300mm x 110mm x 40mm**
Weight  600gr


*Specifications are subject to change without any notice *Without the stage
1 In certain materials the minimum thickness that can be measured is below 10nm (e.g. for Si3N4 is 6nm)
2Measurements compared with a calibrated spectroscopic ellipsometer and XRD
3Average of standard deviation of mean value over 15 days. Sample: 1micron SiO2 on Si wafer
42*Standard-Deviation of daily average over 15 days. Sample: 1micron SiO2 on Si wafer


Typical Measurements with FR-pOrtable

10nm Si3N4 layer on Si wafer

84nm TiO2 layer on microscope glass

110nm PMMA layer on Si wafer

2462.9nm TEOS on Si wafer (RI calc)

48.7μm SU-8 resist film on Si wafer

Sample: Si3N4/SiO2 on Si wafer

Results: 162.4nm / 990.1nm


At-the-Field adaptor: For measurements at the Point-of-Need.
Transmittance module: For the measurement of transmittance & absorbance of coatings, coating thickness etc.
Manual X-Y stage: For the characterization of coatings at multiple positions (manual movement)

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